Beginnings Are Hard

I've been trying work up the courage to begin a new endeavor. Last week I watched the Bellies & Babies workshop on creativeLive with Sandy Puc'. It was amazing. I can't get it out of my head. Sandy was such an inspiration, I want to BE her when I grow up! Thanks to her enthusiasm and instruction throughout the 3-day course, I'm giving serious consideration to baby and children's portraiture...

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Red Pears

There was something about the way the light was streaming into my office this morning. It was just a sliver peaking through the curtains, but I knew immediately it was where I wanted to set up today's shot. Normally I photograph food on my kitchen table because the southern light is soft and wonderful there. This time I wanted something more vibrant and punchy...

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Learn From the Masters With creativeLive

Yesterday was the premiere of creativeLive's broadcast of Babies & Bellies with Sandy Puc. It was my first time attending one of their workshops so I was really excited to see how it worked. Unfortunately my enthusiasm was curbed by a nasty flu bug and I had to curl up in bed with the laptop to watch. Not fun.

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Shooting in Snowy Conditions

Winter is really getting to me. It's putting a damper on my mojo that's becoming harder each day to fight off. One nice thing about winter, however, are the irresistible shooting challenges it can offer up...

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Juicy Pomegranate

Before today I had never even held a pomegranate, let alone sliced, eaten or photographed one. Pretty big day I guess. ;) The verdict is still out on whether I would eat one again...

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