The Quest For a Photo Lab I Can Love

Confession time... I've never printed my own work. (GASP!)

Ok that's not entirely true. I've printed a few times at home for my kids' school projects or 5x7 gifts for grandmas. But that doesn't really count. I've also printed a couple larger portraits at a place which is primarily considered a pharmacy. I don't count that either. Easy-button shops have their place... but they are definitely not labs of a professional caliber, and the prints prove it. So I've been on a quest to find a good lab I can "partner" with. This turned out to be no small task... 

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How to Watch a Husker Game

I grew up in Nebraska, where supporting the Huskers is practically a lifestyle. My husband (who was raised in Wyoming) has always teased that football in Nebraska is not just a game, it's a religion (or perhaps more accurately, a cult). But I don't think he really knew until last weekend just how fanatical my family is when it comes to the Cornhuskers...

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Do the Work - Show Your Work

Yay! New reading material arrived today! Some people get excited about clothes or jewelry. Some spend their money on tech toys, collectibles or travel. Others drop big bucks on salon treatments or fine dining... but my heart belongs to books. I LOVE to read and even get a little panicky when I near the end of a book without having another one at the ready. More often than not, if I'm going somewhere, a book is going with me...

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