Well here we are already a week into the new year. I'm a little late getting this post up, but better late than never as they say! I've never been one for setting New Year's resolutions, nor am I in the habit of writing down or reviewing goals. Instead what I like to do is pick a word each year to focus on and try to integrate into my life. This year the word is determination. We'll see how that goes.

Running through the fountains in Old Town, Fort Collins

I also decided to write myself a letter. Or rather, to all the counterparts of me. Just a little something to serve as a reminder to be kinder to myself, to be grateful for what I have, and to keep me on track when I (inevitably) derail. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but no less true. Maybe some of you can relate. If so, why not write your own letter to reflect on throughout the year? :) Anyway, here goes.

Wake-up Call: An open letter from me... to me

TO MY MIND - Stay focused. Be logical. You do not need to watch that stupid cat video, and you do not need to buy that shiny new thing you saw. It will only distract from your higher purpose. You have a limited number of hours (and brain cycles) each day. Use them wisely.

TO MY HEART - The praise, criticism or judgement of others is irrelevant to what you want for yourself and your family. Make choices based on what's best for you and them. None of the rest matters. Also, remember to count your blessings.

TO MY BODY - I'm going to put you through hell in the next couple weeks. You won't like it, but you'll adjust and thank me later when your reflection in the mirror begins to change and the aches you feel start to fade. That said, I'm done ridiculing you. You are what you are. I only want my jeans to fit better.

TO MY WRINKLES - As each year passes, I'm more convinced you are the badges of a happy life and a concern for others. I don't want you to invite all your friends just yet, but I am thankful to have reached an age where you even exist. Many are not so fortunate.

TO MY CRAZY RED HAIR - How we have fought through the years! But you win. I will no longer plot your death. Instead I will revel in your stubborn glory... until you turn gray. Then I'll go to the salon and drop a fist full of cash every 3 months to get you back. Oh the irony.

TO MY EGO - You're not always right and you can't always have your way. Learn to let little things go. Also, you are not 21 anymore. Accept your limitations. Do remember though, you're still of able body and sound mind... enough to chase your dreams and do a lot of other cool shit you probably haven't even thought of yet. So get crackin.

TO MY TEMPER - Relaaax. Nothing is the end of the world. Except the end of the world. In which case you're screwed anyway so you might as well light up a fatty and smoke that thing down to the nub. Otherwise, keep calm and carry on.

TO MY SENSE OF HUMOR - All too often you don't let people get to know the real you and that's a shame. Please don't be so shy or so guarded. Some people won't understand you but that's not your problem. Embrace the people who do.

TO MY CREATIVE SPIRIT - Whatever you decide to make, change or throw away is fine. Just please finish what you start. Don't be afraid to try new things and don't be so hard on yourself if you bomb. You are not perfect but neither is anyone else. Whatever small measure of talent God gave you, don't waste it.

FINALLY, TO MY VOICE - Kindness, empathy, persistence and faith. These are things you hope your children will live by, so let them show in your words (and actions) as often as humanly possible. And don't forget to laugh. It's powerful good stuff.

Cheers everyone! I wish you all peace, love, health and prosperity in the new year.