How to Watch a Husker Game

I grew up in Nebraska, where supporting the Huskers is practically a lifestyle. My husband (who was raised in Wyoming) has always teased that football in Nebraska is not just a game, it's a religion (or perhaps more accurately, a cult). But I don't think he really knew until last weekend just how fanatical my family is when it comes to the Cornhuskers.

Coincidentally, a recent death in the family meant more of us were gathered together than usual. Relatives came from all over for the sad task of saying a last goodbye Saturday morning. But life must go on. For this clan that meant plenty of food, spirits and strapping in for the Saturday night lights. Because there were so many people, two TVs were playing the game on different floors, and a projector screen was also set up in the yard.

Now despite growing up surrounded by this undying enthusiasm for our beloved college team, I still find it very amusing. I can't help it. Plus it makes for a great photo essay. So here, for your own amusement, I give you a tongue-in-cheek presentation on the rules and etiquette of how to watch a Husker game...

1) Dress the part

This is serious business. Acceptable colors include red, white, black, and sometimes gray... or any combination of the four. Your attire should preferably have a logo of some kind, with the words Nebraska, Huskers or Big Red prominently displayed. A large letter N will also suffice.

My family of Husker fans with their game faces on

2) Bring your game face

At all times the team must be able to FEEL your omnipresent gaze through the TV waves. This can be done in turns, but someone must always be intensely focused on the screen. Sometimes leaning forward helps too, especially when a big play is being run. Screaming, cheering and armchair coaching is not only ok, but encouraged. When things aren't going well, the occasional choice expletive can also be thrown in for effect. Because you know, the players can hear you.

My cousins demonstrating what they do on the sidelines of an actual husker game

3) Don't forget live entertainment

Be sure to include some form of additional entertainment, especially if there are relatives who have actually worked the sidelines. If they happen to be twins - even better. For families who cannot fill this criteria, any die-hard fan with a good sense of humor is sufficient. Keep in mind any skits or mimicry should only take place during commercials, so as not to interfere with anyone's intergalactic oneness with the game.

Some family members, decked out in husker gear and having a good laugh 

4) Laugh a lot

Most families have "that one crazy aunt", but any notable goofball will serve. This endearing person is often responsible for prompting the live entertainment in the first place (though probably not intentionally), and should absolutely be teased. Even if you missed the joke, just laugh and shake your head knowingly. It doesn't matter what they said or did... what's important is encouraging their silly antics so new jokes can be developed. This also helps young and new members of the family learn the code of conduct, ensuring these game day traditions continue.

There you have it - the proper procedure for enjoying a Husker game (at least at home). Win, lose or draw, this is how we do it in Nebraska!