I'm a non-vocational lifestyle photographer based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In other words, I'm not in business so I shoot for me (and sometimes for friends). 

I prefer environmental portraiture, but I'm drawn to many things... expressive faces, interesting landscapes, old buildings, colorful food. Sometimes the simplest everyday things catch my eye.

I think chance encounters are what I love most about photography... being able to capture a moment (or a feeling) which may never pass my way again.

Other interests include day trips with my family, reading, biking, gaming, cooking plant-based meals and attending festivals/concerts.

I'm most emphatically a Mac (not a PC), I love french press coffee, buttery chardonnay, roasted sunflower seeds and binge watching heyday sitcoms (Cheers anyone?) on Netflix. I'm a true redhead, a southpaw, an Army veteran and a patriot. Common sense over hysteria. Facts over fiction. 

Rise free from care before the dawn, and seek adventures. Let the noon find thee by other lakes, and the night overtake thee everywhere at home. There are no larger fields than these, no worthier games than may here be played.
— Henry David Thoreau
Charity Ondriezek (and husband John)