I feel a little silly sharing this tip considering how long I’ve been using Photoshop (and never knew about it), but it’s too good not to pass along. If you frequently use tools like Warp, Skew Rotate or Distort, you’re gonna LOVE this.

Rather than mousing up to the Edit menu every time you want to transform an object (for which there are no pre-assigned keyboard commands), simply invoke the Free Transform tool with Cmd/Ctrl+T and right click. Voila! All your transform controls, including Rotate and Flip are there.

photoshop screen capture

Yay for accidental discoveries and elbow grease conservation! ;) By the way, the screenshot above is from a camera toss experiment I tried a while back. You can download the desktop wallpaper I made with it here.

transform tools menu

Sidenote: Keep in mind that if you like working with the Show Transform Controls option checked (as I do), you still have to hit Cmd+T in order to bring up the transform menu. Otherwise you’ll just get the default layer select menu.